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Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I woke up around 10am. Hubby and Rein got up around 11am. I digiscrap while they were sleeping and created one for Ces.

We had bacon, egg and garlic rice for brunch.

We left for Takashimaya around 4pm and was able to find a cute party dress for Rein at Burberry. Hubby loves it, even the shoes. We looked at Ralph Lauren but most items are for winter.

We'll definitely go back to Burberry to buy it, hope it's still there. I'm also looking for something to wear on her birthday. I hope I could find one with my size. Or else I'll get it in Manila. I just want to buy and arrange everything before we get to Manila so we have ample time to spend with our families and friends.

We dined at Shakey's (thank God they have a branch here}. That's hubby's favorite pizza parlor. I didn't notice if he perspired, which he does all the time when he's enjoying his food.

Weather is getting colder each day. I was wearing a Bonnet but still I experience some headache.

Oh by the way, I smelled the latest perfume of JLo called Live and I'll definitely grab one next week.


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